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Northwest London Resource Centre AGM

It was a wonderful experience for our group to visit the Northwest London Resource Centre and being part of their Annual Meeting was enriching. 

Armani Radhea, the Associate Executive Director of NWLRC, greeted us very warmly. It’s always nice to be met by someone so enthusiastic about their work.

During the meeting, we had the opportunity to learn more about the diverse ways NWLRC supports the community. This includes providing support and development programs, youth services, and integration initiatives. The breadth of their work reflects their commitment. 

Meeting volunteers like Chairman Gary Williams and committee members provided valuable insights into the NWLRC. We can often better understand an organization’s impact through interacting with volunteers. Their dedication and involvement showcase the importance of community engagement.

Overall, we were impressed by NWLRC and left with a desire to be engaged in their journey. Supporting organizations like NWLRC is crucial as their work directly benefits the community.

Northwest London Resource Centre AGM
Kiwanis Kite Festival
Kiwanis Kite Festival:

Join us for a delightful day of outdoor fun at the annual Kiwanis Kite Festival, where the skies will be adorned with vibrant colors and whimsical shapes as kites take flight! Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Westminster Pond Centre in London, this event promises an unforgettable experience for...

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Pauls presentation
Our speaker this week is fellow Kiwanian, Paul Garrett

When a spinal cord injury sidelined Paul’s successful business career, he redirected his energy to better understanding our community from the perspective of someone with mobility challenges. Paul will share his unique appreciation for both what is available and what is needed in London for people with disabilities and a...

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