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During the present pandemic, our meetings are being conducted by Zoom. If you would like to attend a meeting as a guest, please contact Webmaster Jim Garey at prjim@yahoo.com for information on how to join a meeting.
    As members of the London community, we are grieved to know such a tragedy has taken place so close to our homes. London Ontario is home to a diverse group of people from various backgrounds and we believe each person is a valuable member of society. We are all part of the human race on Planet Earth. We believe each person in London and elsewhere has the right to feel safe and secure in and out of their homes regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic background.

    Out and about in London, some children’s chalk writings resonate with #OneLondon. Kiwanis is a service club dedicated to improving the world one child and community at a time. Muslim children and adults need reassurance from the rest of our community that something will be done to put a stop to this racial hatred. The Kiwanis Club of Forest City-London wants to help. Please let us know what we can do.

    Serving The Children Of The World
    Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.
    Kiwanis Club Of Forest City-London
    The Kiwanis Club of Forest City-London is one of the leading service clubs in our community, proud to be making a difference, as we strive together to make London, Ontario, a better place to live and work.

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